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  • Dr Anil Kumar Gulia

      Dr Anil Kumar Gulia is Director Department of Urology at Fortis Escort Hospital, known as one of the best hospital for kidney transplant in Delhi. Dr Anil Kumar Gulia is renowned name in the field of Urology and Renal Transplant with more th

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    Neurosurgery & Head

    Dr Anil Kumar Kansal, is one the top most accomplished Neurosurgeon in the country. He is working with one of the best neurology hospital in India as a Director of Neurosurgery & Head-Neuro Spine at BLK Centre of Neurosciences. Dr Anil Kansal ha

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  • Dr Ashok Seth
    Head Of Cardiology

    Dr Ashok Seth is Chairman of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. Head of Cardiology Council, Fortis Group of Hospitals. Dr Seth is one of the core team who build the Escort Heart Institute in Delhi and make one of the best Cardiology Hospita

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  • Dr Bhushan Narianai

      Dr Bhushan Nariana is well-known professional surgeon associated with BLK Super specialty Hospital as Director- Department of Joint Replacement.   Dr Bhushan Naraine , is one of the very well-known Orthopedic surgeon in the country and

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  • Dr Pradeep Sharma
    Department Of Joint Replacement

    Dr Pradeep Sharma, is one of the very well-known Orthopedic Specialist in India and abroad. He is having more than 35 years of experience in Joint Replacement & Joint Reconstruction Surgery in the same field and associated with many other best Or

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  • Dr Sanjeev Gulati

    Dr. Sanjeev Gulati is currently working as Director, Department of Nephrology at Fortis Escort Hospitals, New Delhi. He is one of the best nephrology doctors in the country with over 28 years of experienced. Dr Gulati has dual qualifications in adul

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  • Dr Vikas Gupta

    Dr Vikas Gupta, is Head of Department Neurosurgery & Neuro-Interventional surgery at Manipal Hospital. With his over 31 years of experience Dr Gupta is known as one of the best Neurologist in India . Due to his Excellency Dr Gupta is being known

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  • Dr. (Brig) W.V.B.S. Ramalingam
    ENT Specialist

    Dr. (Brig) W.V.B.S. Ramalingam ENT Specialist as one of the best ENT doctor is  presently working as a Sr. Consultant & Director in ENT & Cochlear Implant Department at one of the top hospitals in the world BLK Super Speciality Hos

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