Here’s why we at IBN SINA are different from other Medical Tourism India companies.

  • We are a structured institution, connected with all major hospitals All over India and across the world.
  • We are friendly in nature
  • We guide and assist you when it comes to choosing the best doctor in India and hospital for your treatment.
  • We offer the best solutions rather than making money
  • We provide best care and Affordable treatment in India.
  • We give after surgery services
  • We want to do more than business with you. We want to identify with you, help you, guide you and see to it that you return home happy and healthy.
  • We have tie ups with only world class professional doctors and hospitals.
  • we provide general travel services
  • We take you to sightseeing in free time, in addition to treatment process
  • More importantly, with IBN SINA, appointments with doctors are quick and uncomplicated.

IBNSINA Patients are also getting the option of tourism in India as per their choice of place

IBNSINA is having reach Worldwide and this is the main advantage for the Foreigner Patients that they will receive welcome and successful treatments in India office and Indian team will take full care of the Foreigner Patients.

You choose your doctor and hospital

The Iraqi Patient can put full trust in IBNSINA as they will get the same company in India like in Iraq.

See Incredible India

IBNSINA is having tie ups agreement with the best Top 30 Hospitals in India where the Iraqi patients are getting best in class medical treatments at affordable prices.

You travel easy

IBNSINA Patients are getting Priority treatments at all the respective counters inside the Hospitals and the Iraqi patient should always feel privileged inside the hospitals. .

Your family and friends stay in comfort

IBNSINA Patients are getting fixed pricing from the hospitals with no variations and the Indian Branch of IBNSINA ensures that the Iraqi patient will not get cheated anywhere may be inside the hospital or through interpreter. .

Postoperative support

IBNSINA patients are getting lower prices through Indian Hospitals as compared to the local Iraqi or Indian Translators and they will be getting priority treatments as they are preferred IBNSINA patients. .

Postoperative support

IBNSINA patients have the option of changing the hospital also if they are not satisfied with the previous hospital. . .

IBNSINA patients are getting the world class renowned doctors who are treating and operating on the Iraqi Patients hence they are very secure and they can rely on the results outcome of their medical treatments

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