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In the late 1990s, the initiative of Health Tourism, as an autonomous thing was made popular. During this period, those from the west travelled to countries in Asia regularly for cosmetic surgeries due to realistic reasons of effectiveness and cost efficiency. However, the trend has changed in these almost two decades from travel for wellness to a wholesome Medical Tourism India. The international development in the flow of health professionals, patients, and medical technology all over the national borders has given increase to new patterns of production and consumption of healthcare services. In view of the above and recognizing the severe demand for an agency that could guarantee international logistic solutions for individuals who necessitated traveling on medical grounds, not just as a tour planner but as a dependable guardian, IBNSINA Medicare Pvt. Ltd was launched in 2011. We are devoted to be a steadfast facilitator of this amazing concept. IBNSINA which is your access to world class medical services closes the gap between a patient willing to cross international borders, and more than a few facilities that offer the best medical services and affordable treatment in India. Apart from providing inexpensive and easily reached travel in addition to readily available information to all its patients and clients, IBNSINA India medical tourism company aims at giving them a total peace of mind, by ensuring that the whole process is smooth and well-organized. We are a trusted Medicare facilitator and medical service provider at the moment. With our offices in the Middle East, Asia and across the globe, we are incessantly expanding our reach and accommodate the needs of patients and their families from all over the nations of the world. Through specialized service providers and medical experts in the world, we are dedicated to giving the best in class medical facilities. In addition, we give doctors training with a particular intention of inviting many people to benefit from world class Healthcare Services. We are a medical tourism company working across globe to help patients from all over the world to travel abroad for medical treatments by best hospitals and specialties. To achieve this fit, we are expanding different patients from different countries to different destinations countries.

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  • Cardiology

  • ENT

  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Neurosciences

  • Orthopedic

  • Kidney Transplant

  • GI Surgery

  • Urology

  • Bariatric Surgery

  • Bone Marrow Transplant

  • Surgical Oncology

  • Vascular Surgery

  • Medical Oncology

  • Liver Transplant

  • Ophthalmology

  • Adult Cardiac Surgery



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